Capcom Has No Plans To Bring Monster Hunter World To Nintendo Switch

Capcom Has No Plans To Bring Monster Hunter World To Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter World won’t be coming to Nintendo Switch, Capcom has confirmed in an interview in Eurogamer.

Kaname Fujioka, the co-director of Monster Hunter World, told Eurogamer they couldn’t really say anything about a Switch port at this point, but instead the company is thinking of how to adapt the Monster Hunter franchise for a new title on the Nintendo Switch in the future.

See Fujioka’s full comments below.

Unfortunately we can’t really say at this point. There’s no room to say we’re porting our current software to Nintendo hardware. It comes down to what we’ve already said – we want to deliver the perfectly adapted game for the hardware we have in mind. That was our design concept, and our mission from the very beginning. Being able to adapt Monster Hunter for those systems – adapting that to different hardware doesn’t really work this time around. But in the future, thinking of something like the Switch, we’ll think about how to adapt it for that platform.

At this point of time, the only Monster Hunter that Capcom has released on Nintendo Switch is Monster Hunter XX, a souped-up HD port that originally launched on Nintendo 3DS in 2017. They have no plans of localizing that either.

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