Capcom Super Election Poll Results Released

Capcom Super Election Poll Results Released

Earlier this year, Capcom held a survey polling fans on a variety of topics related to their games, including which games they were interested in seeing sequels or remakes for.

The survey has now concluded, and Capcom has released the results from the over 200,000 participants online. Overall, Devil May Cry 5 emerged as the fans’ favorite game followed closely behind by Dino Crisis. Predictably, fans were also interested in seeing new games from both series, as well as the ever popular Mega Man franchise.

As for remakes, most fans stated that the games they wanted remade were not listed on the poll, with Onimusha and Breath of Fire coming in second and third place respectively.

You can check out the full poll results here, or view some key findings below:

Favorite Capcom Game

  • Devil May Cry 5 was the number 1 pick with 15,157 votes, followed closely by Dino Crisiswith 10,978 and Resident Evil 4 Remake with 9,017 votes globally
  • In Japan, the top games were Okami and two titles from the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Favorite Capcom Character

  • Top three picks worldwide were Dante (Devil May Cry), Leon Scott Kennedy (Resident Evil), and X (Mega Man X) series.

Most Wanted Sequel or New Game

  • Dino Crisis was the number one answer with 80,769 votes, followed by the Mega Man series with 63,395 votes and the Devil May Cry series with 60,371 votes globally
  • Ace Attorney was the number 1 choice for players in Japan with 14,193 votes

Most Wanted Remake

  • 87,706 players voted that their desired remake was not available in the list that Capcom provided
  • The Onimusha and Breath of Fire trilogies sat in second and third place respectively with 36,895 and 32,006 votes

Number 1 Complaint/Feedback to Capcom

  • Players overwhelmingly said that they would like the company to reboot previous Capcom IPs, with 103,331 users voting
  • For reference, the second most voted answer was “no complaints” with 36,744 votes

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