Captain Soda Announced For Switch, Launches In 2024

Captain Soda Announced For Switch, Launches In 2024

Switch owners can look forward to a fizzy adventure on the go, later this year!

Leoful has announced that platforming arcade shooter Captain Soda will be heading to Nintendo Switch, Xbox platforms, and PC in 2024. The game will see players in the shoes of various soda-themed heroes as they defend their home from invading aliens!

Check out the official trailer below:

February 5, 2024 – Indie game publisher Leoful and Canadian solo indie Ray Flower Games are pleased to announce fizzy arcade shooter Captain Soda is launching on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One in 2024.

Captain Soda is an arcade platform shooter where you play as a pop bottle hero defending your home planet from an invading alien force. Fight as different soda heroes with unique abilities, acquire powerful weapons, and take on heart-racing challenges. The game features a fully-fledged campaign mode with three worlds, as well as a rogue-like Endless mode where players can beat down wave after wave of aliens.

Players can experience a slice of the fizzy action in the Captain Soda demo, now available on STEAM as part of Steam Next Fest: February 2024 Edition. The top 3 players on each Endless mode leaderboard (up to a total of 12 players) by the end of Steam Next Fest will be rewarded with a free Steam key for the full game at launch, so don’t miss this opportunity! Also, players can follow the game’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign, scheduled to begin later this year, via its newly opened preview page.

About the game

Transform into the ultimate pop bottle hero, obliterating an alien army with your sparkling soda guns!

Captain Soda takes arcade shoot’em up platforming to new heights, boasting soda flavors with unique abilities, flashy weapons, powerful upgrades, and pulse-pounding challenges. Revel in the fluid controls that let you jiggle, slosh, and clink with satisfaction as you annihilate enemies and navigate the chaos. Throw-down wave after wave of money-abducting alien invaders with weapons like the Bubble Sub-machine Gun and Bottle Rocket Launcher. Pick your favorite carbonated beverage and shoot water guns loaded with it, all while grooving to an Arcade Orchestral synth soundtrack composed by Aleix Ramon.


Destroy the alien invaders with a variety of short-range, long-range and melee weapons. Toss exploding cans, fly with a soda-powered jetpack, or flatten them with an entire vending machine! Hone your skills to evade and defeat 18 different types of enemies.


Play as different soda heroes to dazzle the enemy like Lieutenant Lemonade or Major Matcha Bubble Tea. Acquire over 14 accessories and upgrades like the CO2 Boost Boots and Effervescent Wings to tailor to your play style and boost your power.


Shoot and blast your way through a vibrant campaign across three mysterious areas with diverse carbonated themes. Complete over 60 optional missions, unlock item shops, and uncover secret upgrades as you pursue the enemy.


Fight never-ending waves of enemies in rogue-like Endless mode, where each level is more intense than the last one! Can you survive the alien onslaught and achieve an eye-popping high score on the global leaderboard?


Inspired by Super Crate Box, Captain Soda elevates the genre with a full-fledged campaign mode, enhanced visuals, new enemies, mechanics, customizable weapon loadouts, and an expanded screen-wrapping mechanic for intense and skill-based gameplay.


With a range of difficulty options, Captain Soda caters to beginners, experts, and speedrunners alike. Adjust settings and options like aim assist, enemy movement speed, and color blind mode to your heart’s content for an optimized and enjoyable gameplay experience.

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