Catch Up On Nintendo Life’s Indie Spotlight Here

Catch Up On Nintendo Life’s Indie Spotlight Here

Earlier this week, Nlife Media has announced that Nintendo Life would be holding a special video presentation during PAX Online x EGX Digital that would reveal multiple unannounced titles for the Nintendo Switch.

The presentation has since aired online, and featured around 40 announcements for various indie games that are heading to Switch in the coming months, including Astro Aqua Kitty, 1974 Feline Revolution, and more.

You can check out the presentation for yourself below, along with a list of key announcements:


  • Antonball Deluxe (2021)
  • Hatch Tales (2021)
  • Hyperbrawl Tournament (Oct. 20th, 2020)
  • Curse of Life
  • Tens!
  • MindSeize (Sept. 2020)
  • Cake Bash
  • Potion Permit
  • Kitaria Fables
  • Alwa’s Legacy (Sept. 29th, 2020)
  • Victory Heat Rally (if the Kickstarter is a success)
  • Cathedral
  • Decline’s Drops
  • Space Grunts
  • 1974 Feline Revolution
  • Heroes of Loot I and II
  • Memoranda
  • Sunshine Manor
  • Death Ray Manta
  • Maia Unhappily ever After
  • Stardash
  • Astro Aqua Kitty
  • Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior
  • Nairi: Rising Tide
  • Astral Equilibrium
  • Residual
  • Home
  • Poker Club
  • Double Pug Switch
  • Clive ‘n’ Wrench
  • Chama
  • Bezier
  • Petadachi (2021)

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