Contra And Bomberman Board Game Projects Now In The Works

Contra And Bomberman Board Game Projects Now In The Works

It seems Shovel Knight is not the only gaming icon looking to break into the board game business.

As reported by Licence Global, Konami Cross Media NY has started a new partnership with Blacklist Games and IDW Games to board games based on the Contra and Bomberman franchises.

The Contra board game will be developed by Blacklist Games and the Kess Co. Its described as being “a cooperative board game” involving cards, miniatures and tactics. Alex Kessler, founder and chief executive of Kess Co. had this to say about the partnership:

“We’re extremely excited with this opportunity to work with an iconic property like ‘Contra,’ and having Blacklist Games create an immersive board game that captures the essence of ‘Contra’’s action-packed experience.”

The Bomberman board game will be developed by IDW Games, who is also planning to create puzzles, pins and card games based on the licence. According to IDW Games Vice-President of product development Jerry Bennington, the board game is based mainly on the series’ most recent title Bomberman Super R.

“Super Bomberman R’s epic battling and colorful characters translate well into the multi-player board game we’ve envisioned. We hope fans will embrace the opportunity to discover that when the game debuts.”

These products are currently set to launch by 2020 for North America, and we will be sure to bring more updates as they come.

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