Cooking Battle Action Game Tabe-O-Ja Announced For Switch

Cooking Battle Action Game Tabe-O-Ja Announced For Switch

Bandai Toys has announced Tabe-O-Ja, a cooking battle action game, for the Nintendo Switch.

Tabe-O-Ja is a game where players cook various dishes in order to summon food-themed monsters for battle. It also employs the use of Joy-cons to mimic cooking actions during portions of the game. The title is set to launch this Winter in Japan.

Check out the trailer below, along with some additional details translated via Gematsu:


Tabe-O-Ja is a cooking action game in which you can enjoy strategic battles. As the special chef “Tabe-O-Ja,” you will cook various dishes including Japanese, western, Chinese, and more with Joy-Con cooking actions, and summon the “Tabe-Gami” that dwell within each tasty dish. With your summoned Tabe-Gami, you can form your own original team, battle against rival chefs and their Tabe-Gami, and challenge the showdown of the cooking world: “World’s Strongest Dish.”

Joy-Con Cooking Actions and Tabegami Battles

Tabe-Gami dwell within tasty dishes. You can summon these Tabe-Gami by using the Joy-Cons as the game indicates to complete your dish.


Joy-Con cooking actions have various patterns based on the dish, including “stir-fry,” “stacking ingredients,” “simmer,” and more. For example: stir-frying with good rhythm or stacking ingredients without them falling.


By completing a dish, you can summon a Tabe-Gami.


Each Tabe-Gami is themed after a dish, and their fighting ability differs depending on the performance of your cooking actions and the Tabe-Gami.

At launch, Tabe-O-Ja will feature a charming lineup of over 69 unique characters.

Furthermore, you can form a team with your summoned Tabe-Gami and battle against rival chefs.


You can summon Tabe-Gami onto the battlefield by selecting the Tabe-Gami you want to summon and performing the Joy-Con cooking actions. In battle, Tabe-Gami can use special moves by meeting certain conditions. The battle is decided when the opponent’s kitchen is destroyed.

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