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Creepy Road Heads To Nintendo Switch On Mar 1

Creepy Road Heads To Nintendo Switch On Mar 1

A bombastic take on shooting platformers is now speeding onto Nintendo Switch.

Creepy Road will be hitting the Switch eShop on 1 March 2019, for $12.99 USD. Run and gun in a world that has gone completely bonkers, with a slew of weapons ranging from trusty shotguns to rocket punches!

Check out an older Steam trailer below, along with more details.


The world has gone mad. It’s a long way home and thousands of crazy animals and mad men trying to stop you.

When everything goes insane and the world falls apart, a man must take up arms to protect his loved ones. Embark with Flint Trucker on a crazy journey to reunite him with sweet Angelina, and try not to succumb to the madness that awaits you!


Don’t let their size scare you! Observe their fighting style, find a weak spot and show no mercy when you finally get your chance to attack. Go get ‘em, Flint!


Ranging from standard revolvers and shotguns to deadly contraptions with crazy and unexpected effects. You can even saddle a rocket to disintegrate flying enemies. The choice is up to you!


For Creepy Road, we have created a truly mad world with over 30 original kinds of funny and furious enemies, from animals and birds to psychos. Most of them have their own original attacks too. Just try to defeat them all! All the locations contain original hand-drawn graphics, and each one has unique details, objects, and a memorable atmosphere. All the characters and locations were painstakingly designed with a great love of details!


Each location in Creepy Road is accompanied by an original musical theme, helping players immerse themselves in the atmosphere of what is happening and setting the rhythm of gameplay. The game contains more than 15 original musical tracks.