Cyber Shadow Developer Thought He Would Never Finish The Game

Cyber Shadow Developer Thought He Would Never Finish The Game

In an interview with Kotaku, the creator behind Yacht Club Games & Mechanical Head Studios’ newly announced Cyber Shadow discussed a little bit about the origins of the project, and how he almost gave up back when he was working on the game alone.

Cyber Shadow’s creator is named Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker, and he set out to create his own game seven years ago after originally starting out as a ROMhacker. According to Hunziker, the sci-fi ninja action game is technically his second attempt at an original title, having scrapped his original idea after four years of work and starting over again from scratch with Cyber Shadow.

Working on the project alone was a difficult experience for Hunziker, and there were many moments where he felt like it would never be completed.

There were a couple weeks where I was like, this isn’t going to go anywhere. Doing it alone and the scope of the game, I just had some weeks where I was only 20 percent done and thinking about the years I still had left to do it.

Thankfully, teaming up with Yacht Club seems to have been what Hunziker needed to make his passion project a reality. We look forward to seeing more of what Cyber Shadow has to offer in the coming days.

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