Are Dark Blue Joy-Con Coming Soon?

Are Dark Blue Joy-Con Coming Soon?

During this week’s Nintendo Minute video, Krysta and Kit took their shopping skills to the test to find 10 items that will be donated to Make A Wish foundation at the employee-only Nintendo HQ Store.

The video sparked discussion and debate not for its main content, but instead the Dark Blue Joy-Con some viewers reportedly spotted in the video. Here’s a screenshot of the supposed Dark Blue Joy-Con, which can be found on the very right.

Here’s a closer look at it.

You can see it for yourself in action below.

People who were hopeful that the Dark Blue Joy-Con is an actual product said the Joy-Con appeared multiple times in the video with the same dark blue color, while some argued that the “Dark Blue Joy-Con” were most likely Neon Blue Joy-Con that were appearing darker than usual due to lighting conditions.

We happen to agree with the latter due to three reasons – the “Dark Blue Joy-Con” is most likely not under the spotlight above the products, thus making not only the Neon Blue Joy-Con darker, but even the packaging’s white background. Even the Neon Red Joy-Con look slightly darker than usual, but not as red as the Red Joy-Con that aren’t available as a standalone product in North America.

Secondly the Joy-Con are arranged in order of release, with the Neon Yellow Joy-Con coming after the Dark Blue Joy-Con. Lastly Nintendo would never sell a product that hasn’t been announced even at their employee only store. They’re really, really strict about this (you can take our word for this).

So unfortunately for Dark Blue Joy-Con hopefuls, all that’s in the video are Neon Blue Joy-Con.

Although Dark Blue Joy-Con aren’t happening for the time being, we are pretty sure Nintendo will make them in the future. If you couldn’t wait you could always consider custom made blue Joy-Con from Etsy sellers here.