Dark Souls Remastered Contains No New Content

Dark Souls Remastered Contains No New Content

Kotaku UK has reported that Dark Souls Remastered, coming to Nintendo Switch next month, will not feature any new significant content.

What that means is Dark Souls Remastered will not include any new bosses, areas, enemies, or items. Players however can expect QoL (quality of life) changes such as the ability of using multiple consumables at once in single player, and encountering the ‘dried finger’ item earlier in multiplayer.

Kotaku UK says that even more QoL changes were being considered during development, but developers were told to remove them.

So it seems outside of QoL changes, HD art assets, and the upgrade from four player to six player multiplayer, Dark Souls Remastered is pretty much the same as the original Dark Souls in 2011. Let us know what you think in the comments below.