Datamine: Hidden Mechanics Of Kapp’n Mystery Tour Rare Islands In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discovered

Datamine: Hidden Mechanics Of Kapp’n Mystery Tour Rare Islands In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discovered

The Version 2.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds a new feature called Kapp’n’s boat tours, where returning seaman Kapp’n will take the player to mysterious islands in exchange for Nook Miles.

Since the update’s release, dataminers have discovered some hidden mechanics for this feature, namely that certain types of rare mystery islands will only be accessible via Kapp’n when certain conditions are met. You can find the details down below, as documented by Animal Crossing World:

The Hidden Mechanic Explained

  • Dataminers have discovered that certain rare mystery islands are locked behind the player’s character creation date, such that a rare island will only appear if the player has progressed far enough in the game to experience the mystery island’s assigned date or season.
  • For example, the Winter Mystery Island has an assigned date of February 24th, and will only appear to players who have already exprienced February 24th on their home island.
    • A player who has been playing since launch would have already experienced February 24th in 2021.
    • A new player will have to wait until February 24th 2022 before the Winter Mystery Island will spawn.
  • If the player has not met the date requirements for a particular rare mystery island, they will be sent to one of the following “normal” mystery islands instead:
    • Gyroid Fragments Island: The most basic and most common type of island where Brewster is initially met.
    • Vegetables Island: A common island with ‘abandoned’ farms that contain a random type of Vegetable, like tomatoes.
    • Vines & Glowing Moss Island: The somewhat less common island featuring special Vines, Glowing Moss, and Plumeria Bushes.
    • Raining Full Gyroids Island: A relatively rare island where the weather is raining and full gyroids can be dug up without fragments.

List Of “Rare” Mystery Islands and their Dates

  • When setting out on Kapp’n’s Mystery Island Tour, there is a 22% chance of landing on the following “rare” islands, provided the conditions to encounter them are met:
  • Island Date (NH) Date (SH)
    Winter Snowflakes February 24th August 24th
    Spring Cherry Blossoms April 10th October 10th
    Spring Bamboo May 31st November 30th
    Star Fragments June 15th December 15th
    Summer Shells August 31st February 28th
    Autumn Maple Leaves November 25th May 25th
    Autumn Mushrooms November 30th May 31st
  • Note that meeting the conditions is not a guarantee that the player will land on these rare islands, and that landing on a “normal” island is still more likely in general.

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