Dragon Quest Builders 2 Lets Players Build Up Their Own Island

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Lets Players Build Up Their Own Island

It looks like building will get even more interesting in the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders 2.

According to Weekly Jump, players will be recruiting villagers to inhabit a deserted island within the game’s story. Some villagers may even look like monsters!

Check out the article, as translated by Gematsu:

Build Up the Island as You Like

Migrate the people you meet during your adventure and reclaim the island together. In Dragon Quest Builders 2, the people you meet in various places can be brought to your base that is Vacant Island. The people who come to Vacant Island will work together with you in its cultivation.

Further Evolved Building

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, the things you can build have been powered-up. Enjoy an infinite level of fun depending on your ideas, like furniture placement and the combination of ingredients used for cooking. There is even furniture that changes shape as you attach them to one another, as well as those that you can change the color of by dying, and glass windows that automatically connect when lining up. If you put water in it, it can become a water tank.

Make Your Base of Vacant Island a Wonderful One

By solving peoples’ problems on various islands, they will come to Vacant Island. Some of them may even have the appearance of monsters. Players can also form a party with the islanders and explore every corner of the island together, one person behind the other. Vacant Island is deserted and unpopulated at first, but it will grow busier the more you build. Build up a Vacant Island all your own.