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II, & III Physical Edition Confirmed Coming In Asia In One Package, Supports English | NintendoSoup
Dragon Quest I, II, & III Physical Edition Confirmed Coming In Asia In One Package, Supports English

Dragon Quest I, II, & III Physical Edition Confirmed Coming In Asia In One Package, Supports English

UPDATE: Now available for pre-order with free international shipping at NintendoSoup Store.

Dragon Quest fans in Asia, rejoice! The first three classic mainline Dragon Quest titles in the series will be coming to Asia later this year!

Previously revealed during the September 2019 Nintendo Direct in Japan, Dragon Quest IDragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III will be available in retail in one full packaged version, Square Enix Asia announced via Facebook. These titles have also been confirmed to support Traditional Chinese, Korean, and English languages.

Here’s the announcement:

For Asia, the first three DRAGON QUEST games are coming to Nintendo Switch in one package!

●”DRAGON QUEST II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line”
●”DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation”

Release Date: Coming in 2019
Languages: Traditional Chinese, Korean, English


Maxsoft, the sole and official distributor of Nintendo products in the Southeast Asia and the Middle East, has also shared Square Enix Asia’s announcement and has stated to stay tuned for more details.

Meanwhile, NintendoSoup is also proud to announce that the package will be available for international pre-orders via the NintendoSoup Store. More information to be revealed shortly.