Dragon Quest X Offline Can Connect To Online Version With “Data Transfer”, Other Features Detailed

Dragon Quest X Offline Can Connect To Online Version With “Data Transfer”, Other Features Detailed

Next year, Square Enix will be launching Dragon Quest X Offline, an offline version of the MMORPG entry in the Dragon Quest series.

Building up to the game’s release, producer Takuma Shiraishi sat down with Gamestalk to answer various questions about the title. One of the more interesting reveals is that Dragon Quest X Offline will have connectivity with the online version via a “data transfer” feature. This will allow players who have completed the Offline version to start the online version at a higher level by using a special item.

You can read a translation of Shiraishi’s comments below, via Nintendo Enthusiast:

“We plan to add data transfer from Dragon Quest X Offline to Dragon Quest X Online through a Spell of Restoration. After clearing the offline version of the game, you’ll get to use the Spell of Restoration. Doing so will allow you to start the online version with your job at level 70.”

Shiraishi also confirmed a few other returning features from the online version of the game, which you can read about as follows, once again courtesy of Nintendo Enthusiast:

Character Creation & Races
It will have character creation, and you can pick any race when transmigrating, not limited to humans. You can also change to male or female. However, it will not have all of the hairstyles and colors available on the current Ver. 5.5 of the online game.

Changing Appearance
You’ll get to do everything from coloring to the My Coordination feature. However, it will not include everything currently available in Ver. 5.5 of the online game.

Labyrinth of Magic and Accessory Synthesis
Both will be worked into the offline version. You can guarantee acquiring accessories from the Coin Boss and select effects when synthesizing. However, we’ve omitted the Lucky effect for this reason.

Job Changes
The protagonist can change jobs, but your ally characters will have inherited skills and parameters that you can’t change. We plan to make advanced jobs such as Sages extra powerful.

Dragon Quest X Offline launches February 26th for Switch.

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