Dynamite Fishing: World Games Hits Nintendo Switch This December

Dynamite Fishing: World Games Hits Nintendo Switch This December

HandyGames has announced Dynamite Fishing: World Games, a game where players throw dynamite and bombs to kill fishes.

Dynamite Fishing: World Games will be released December 21, 2018 on the Nintendo Switch eShop for USD9.99 / EUR9.99.

Check out the details and trailer right below:

Fish. Fish are part of the Axis of Evil™, didn’t you know that? Of course not, as the Government does not want you to know. But it’s your duty as a loyal citizen to protect the other fine folks from this underwater menace. And that’s why you have to put on your darn boots, get on your g******* boat and blow that varmint fish out of the water! Yeehaw!

Developer and Publisher HandyGames is happy as a puppy with two peckers, to announce Dynamite Fishing: World Games comin to Nintendo Switch™ on December 21st 2018. The game will be available digitally for 9,99 $ USD // 9, 99 €.

Your goal in this absolutely-not-taking-itself-serious-game is to mash the buttons on your Switch to throw dynamite, bombs, guns, freezing grenades and even an Atomic Bomb and kill as many fish as possible. The game is snug as a bug on Nintendo Switch, so even some younguns can compete with each other in the multiplayer mode when hunting for better weapons, better boats or crazy new characters. You can actually be the Grim Reaper!

DISCLAIMER: We at HandyGames absolutely love fish! This is why we would never hunt them nor do we support Blast Fishing – which is illegal in many countries and states. But we wanted to make a fun and crazy video game. So don’t worry: Our fish never die, they respawn!