Earthlock Getting A Physical Release On Switch; Pre-Orders Start May 16th

Earthlock Getting A Physical Release On Switch; Pre-Orders Start May 16th

Super Rare Games today have announced their partnership with Snowcastle Games to physically release Earthlock for the Nintendo Switch.

Following up a tweet from last month, we now have more information about Earthlock getting a physical release but there’s limited amount.

Only 5,000 copies of this well loved indie title will be on sale, and pre-orders for the game open on May the 16th. The companies are also proud to unveil a 1,000 units of these will be larger, more expansive collectors edition.

Enter a beautiful world, haunted by its fateful past, and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon’s uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of EARTHLOCK.

  • Explore the magical world of Umbra
  • Fast-paced and highly strategic turn-based battles
  • Harvest magical materials to craft helpful items and perks on your home island
  • Utilise your Talent Table: combining a classic skilltree and equipment to customise your character’s progression
  • Alternate between six playable characters
  • Grow your friendships between different character pairs for a strategic advantage in combat
  • Help the people of Umbra along they way to unlock more useful items
  • 25-40 hours of gameplay

The Super Rare edition will include a 20 page full color manual, interior artwork, exclusive sticker, as well as three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set.

The collector’s edition will contain a 200 page artbook, 2 comics based on the video game, an exclusive CD OST and a complete set of trading cards.

If you want to order your standard copy on the 16th of May at for $38.99 / £36.00 / €41.99.

Are you interested in  getting a physical version of this game? Let us know in the comments.


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