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5s1, uy6, k1a, h, kl, vt, a5, ez, hh1, br, ul, 7, Emily Rogers: Pokemon Switch Announcement Not Far Away | NintendoSoup
Emily Rogers: Pokemon Switch Announcement Not Far Away

Emily Rogers: Pokemon Switch Announcement Not Far Away

In the last few months there’s been a huge fury of discussion and rumors about the upcoming Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch.

Today’s latest rumor comes from industry insider Emily Rogers, who’s one of the administrators of popular gaming forum ResetERA. In a discussion thread concerning Pokemon Switch, Rogers said “the announcement isn’t that far away”. The admin also believes the game will release this year and it will have at least two versions.

When it comes to rumors, Emily Rogers has gotten a few things right before Nintendo Switch launched, but the insider also has a fair share of things that didn’t materialize, such as the return of Mother 3. In other words, take all rumors with a pinch of salt, until Nintendo officially announces the game.