Etika: I Am Sorry For Scaring All Of You I Was Suicidal

Etika: I Am Sorry For Scaring All Of You I Was Suicidal

A few days ago, popular Super Smash Bros. Youtuber Etika threatened to kill himself on social media after what appeared to viewers to be a mental breakdown.

Etika started acting very erratically, and got his Youtube channel banned after uploading porn at that time. On Reddit, Etika wrote it was “his turn to die” and law enforcement was brought in to ensure he did not try to kill himself. He was later confirmed to be safe after checking in to a mental hospital and underwent therapy.

Today, Etika has posted an apology to all of his fans for worrying them that he had suicidal thoughts. He confirmed he wasn’t suicidal and was just having “a mind surge”. Etika said it wasn’t his intention to scare everyone like that, and he is now “a changed person” after letting all his emotions flow.

Here are his full words:

I know my first response was kneejerk frustration at the idea that everyone literally thought I’d be taking myself out/something happen to me, but I want to tell you all, THAT WAS NOT MY INTENTION AT ALL and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for worrying all of you, I’m sorry for making you all fear that I was suicidal.

I was being very metaphorical and crazy that night. I was having a lot of personal realizations. Deep stuff man. Regardless, I’m now a changed person, and I had just needed an outlet to let my emotions flow. I know how unexpected and scary this might have looked for you all, considering the timing of all the factors that came into play. Some of these factors were planned, but MANY WEREN’T.

I did not plan to use an ARG to feign suicidal thoughts and garner mass worry from people. I’m so sorry to you all for scaring you like that. My creative bursts were just more prevalent, aka a fucking meltdown I suppose. This situation has been nothing but stressful for all involved, and I am prepared to accept all consequences, I know that many of you don’t see me in the same light, and you’re completely right for it. What I did was wrong, and sick, and even though NEVER my intention, I should’ve thought twice behind my words before writing them down recklessly like that in such a way.

Even if I was having a mind surge, that’s no excuse to cause genuine shock and fear to you all.

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