Fake New Nintendo 3DS XL Spotted In Hong Kong

Fake New Nintendo 3DS XL Spotted In Hong Kong

A bootleg New Nintendo 3DS XL has been found at a retailer based in Hong Kong.

The bootleg’s packaging simply gives all of the wrong details away. First, the bootleg is called “New Nintendo 3DS LL” rather than “New Nintendo 3DS XL”. The LL branding is only used in Japan – a real New Nintendo 3DS LL would have been accompanied by Japanese text on the packaging, not English text.

Next, the text on the box is another tell tale sign that it’s a fake. “Comfortable 3D experience anti-3D shake function” and ” C Pen for extensional operation” sound like badly translated text from Japanese. Nintendo definitely has better quality control than this.

It’d be interesting to see how the bootleg looks like inside, which we do not have any information on.

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