Famitsu: Sakurai Discusses More About The Challenges Of Working From Home On Smash Ultimate

Famitsu: Sakurai Discusses More About The Challenges Of Working From Home On Smash Ultimate

Famitsu has published another installment of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai’s weekly column for the magazine.

In this latest entry, Sakurai shares more about the challenges of working from home on Smash Ultimate, as well as how his company Sora Co. Ltd is helping to support employees during this trying period. You can check out some translated highlights below, as shared by PushDustIn.

  • Majority of the staff (around 75%) would like to continue
  • Staff is finding it less stressful than commuting, and for reasons such as reducing anxiety and for caring for their family, they are finding it beneficial
  • However, there are several demerits to working from home. Sometimes children or family members are close by, it’s difficult to discuss sensitive matters, and the internet speed can be slow. This all makes communication difficult
  • Home environment is just not a replacement for the workplace
  • Staff is running into all kinds of issues like having different kinds of equipment, having desks that are too low, and more.
  • These all cost money to fix
  • Sakurai’s company, Sora Co. Ltd. is providing relief to anyone who is working on Smash Ultimate
  • Staff is free to purchase desks, chairs, monitors, or any other equipment they may need. Sakurai sends what they need on Amazon, and Sakurai will order it for them. The items will be shipped directly to the staff’s house, and it will become theirs to keep.
  • Dozens of people have received support from Sora Co. Ltd. In normal circumstances, they would get this kind of aid through their company, but speed is of the essence, and Sora Co. Ltd is uniquely positioned to help out
  • Impact of COVID-19 will probably continue for some time, so Sakurai will continue to do his best

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