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Developers Register New Video Game Trademark In 3 Years | NintendoSoup
Fire Emblem Developers Register New Video Game Trademark In 3 Years

Fire Emblem Developers Register New Video Game Trademark In 3 Years

Intelligent Systems, the developers of Fire Emblem and Pushmo, have registered a new video game trademark in Japan this week.

According to trademark filings, the trademark is “カクトデール”, which could be transliterated as “Kakutodeeru”. This is the first trademark Intelligent Systems has registered in 3 and a half years. The previous trademark was Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem Cipher (the trading card game).

We’ll have to wait and see what this is but Kakutodeeru seems to be some sort of new video game IP. We’ll probably see it on Nintendo Switch or smartphones.

What do you think?