Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC Detailed, Launching Feb 15

Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC Detailed, Launching Feb 15

The Weekly Famitsu has revealed new details on Fire Emblem Warriors’ upcoming Shadow Dragon DLC, scheduled to launch on February 15, 2018.

First up, new playable characters that can only be accessed by purchasing the DLC are Minerva, Navarre, and Linde. New costumes have been added, including Groom Marth, Bride Caeda, Tiki with Colored Dress, and Swordmaster Lyn. Broken armor effects are included for Minerva, Navarre, Linde, Lyn, Celica, and Anna.

An exclusive weapon for Caeda will be available in the Shadow Dragon DLC, as well as new weapon skills that swap STR with DEF and MAG with RES (Reverse Attack Defense), increasing damage against characters of the same gender and lowering it when fighting opposite genders (Same Gender Advantage), and decreasing damage against same gender characters and increasing it against opposite genders (Different Gender Advantage).

History maps for the Shadow Dragon DLC include Devil Mountain (Navarre), Princess Minerva, and Norda Market (Linde).

A new patch that will be available to all players will be distributed on the same day as the release of the Shadow Dragon DLC. Three blessings and two weapon skills will be added in this patch:


Strength/Magic/Skill Blessing: Raise respective stats for all party members

Bonds Blessing: Easier for party members to raise bonds

Swift Attack Blessing: Raise damage dealt for short time after battle started

Weapon Skills:

Finisher Focus: Easier to deplete Stun Gauge

Anti-Air Focus: Raises damage against juggled enemies

View the full Famitsu scans in the gallery below.