First 4 Figures Now Working On A Darksiders War Statue

First 4 Figures Now Working On A Darksiders War Statue

It looks like fans of Darksiders Warmastered Edition on Switch will be able to grab an amazing tribute to its brutal protagonist in the future!

First 4 Figures has revealed that a new Darksiders – War resin statue is now in the works – as part of their licensing deal with THQ Nordic. As you can see below, the company already has a painted prototype to show off!

“As our newest license announcement and in celebration of Darksiders’ 10th anniversary last January 2020, First 4 Figures announced that Darksiders collectibles were coming! We are excited to be working hand-in-hand with THQ Nordic to bring fans of the franchise nothing but the best Darksiders collectibles in the market.

Little did everyone know that even before the license announcement, we’ve secretly been developing the first statue’s concept for quite some time, and after much development behind the scenes, we’re finally ready to reveal the painted physical prototype of DARKSIDERS – WAR! We’ve already mentioned in the past that this will be a beefy and massive 1/6th scale resin statue. And based on the image and video alone, you can already tell that this statue is incredibly detailed and has layers upon layers of paint application. Apart from all this information, there isn’t much else we could reveal for now.”

If you’re keen, you can also sign up for further updates on the figure’s release over here.