First Look At Ridley And Wolf amiibo Packaging

First Look At Ridley And Wolf amiibo Packaging

Amazon US has released the American pack shots for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ridley and Wolf amiibo.

A few interesting details can be found by looking at the packaging of both amiibo. First, Nintendo is using the new Super Smash Bros. logo at the top left corner, replacing the old Super Smash Bros. logo used since 2014.

Next, to our surprise, Nintendo has written the Japanese names for Ridley and Wolf right underneath their English names, something which has never happened before on packaging for amiibo released in North America. Moving forward, this could mean Nintendo is planning to move to a single unified SKU for all of their amiibo releases in all regions.

Finally, to the dismay of Smash Bros. amiibo collectors, the Nintendo logo’s background has been updated to red. Previous amiibo releases for the Smash Bros. line retained their white background.

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