Furukawa: I Have No Plans To Change Nintendo’s Business Strategy

Furukawa: I Have No Plans To Change Nintendo’s Business Strategy

Earlier this year, Shuntaro Furukawa succeeded Tatsumi Kimishima as the sixth and current president of Nintendo.

At Nintendo’s fiscal briefing and Q&A session, Furukawa was asked by an investor if he had any “unique management strategy” as President. Furukawa responded that his role was to ensure Nintendo continues to be an entertainment company bringing smiles to people’s faces, and announced he is not making any major changes to the company’s strategy set out by the late Satoru Iwata.

Here are his full comments:

Q4: Could you tell us about your unique management strategy as President? For example, should we expect you to announce any medium-term business plans, or to provide any shareholder returns including a stock split? Should we expect you to spend money in new ways, for instance, by setting up a venture fund?

I want Nintendo to continue being an entertainment company that brings smiles to people’s faces under our basic strategy, which is to expand the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP. To be more specific, there are our dedicated video game platform business, our smart-device business, and the IP-related business as represented by theme parks or movies. I want to grow them to realize potential of these three pillars of revenue. Regarding the return to shareholders and new ways of spending money, I do not anticipate any major changes from our current approach at this time.