Gallery: Exclusive Screenshots From Liberated

Gallery: Exclusive Screenshots From Liberated

Walkabout Games has kindly shared with NintendoSoup exclusive screenshots from upcoming comic adventure shooter Liberated.

Liberated is a game set in a dystopian world where you spark a revolution. The game launches first on Nintendo Switch on June 2, 2020.

Have a look at the new and exclusive screenshots and artwork below:

Welcome to a brave new world. Undeniable truth and personal freedoms are dying. Revolution is near. Rise up in the bloodstained struggle for a land of the free.

Forget everything you know about comics. Immerse yourself in a dark, rain-soaked city. Use your wits, hack the system, sneak and solve puzzles. And when the going gets good, dispense picturesque headshots for great justice. Let the stunning hand-drawn art and action unite on the pages of this noir cyberpunk story.

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