Game Review: 30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1 (Switch)

Game Review: 30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1 (Switch)

30 Games? On one cartridge? Sounds incredible?! Yes, it is! The game is called “Party Planet” in the USA by the way.

But is it really a great party game? You can find the legendary “Balloon Fight” on the cartridge, one of the first mobile games called “Snake” – remember the Nokia phones – and the extremely funny “Frosty Hockey”. I could play it for hours, it’s so entertaining!

And – you can play every game alone and almost every one with 1, 2 or 3 buddies. Yes, it really can make a party great…
… when you play the great “Frosty Hockey”. But the rest? The games have no deep gameplay and feel like mobile stuff for free.

In “Rooster Romp” five birds are sitting on a rope and their eggs are falling down. And you have to push them into nests. All on one screen. Wow. Boring as hell.

Or in “Viking Defense” you have to save your beach from viking boats. Shoot one after another… “Flight of the Witch” is a sidescrolling flight simulator on a broom. Go up and down… and up… and down… and… you know it…

“Memory” is a memory game. Cards are turned after they have shown up. The first rounds are interesting, but it doesn’t stop…

In “Meteors” you have to shoot down as many meteors as you can. On one screen… Rotating meteors are coming… and coming… and coming…

You wanna play a grasshopper?! Then play “Hopper jump”. Hop from stone to stone. And do it again. And again. And… again…

In “Bear Battalion” you punch away bears before they can maul you. Interesting for minutes because nothing changes all the time.

When you play all 30 games and switch them every 5 minutes, OK, it’s fun. For a little while. The controls work well in almost every game and you can show your friends how easy it is to have fun with the Switch console. But when you search for a longer lasting fun game – go further. Or wait for “Super Mario Party”.

Would I recommend the game? Umm… A little bit, because “Frosty Hockey” is in a league of its own. But at such a price, you can play similar games on a smartphone for free. And – no, I don’t recommend it if you are looking for a game like Mario Party.

The Good

+ 2-4 multiplayer mode
+ Frosty Hockey…

The Bad

– … the rest of the minigames
– the presentation of the game

Soup Verdict: When you put your soup on a table and play hockey with it, it’s tasty. But only then.


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