Game Review: Disc Jam (Switch)

Game Review: Disc Jam (Switch)

“High Horse Entertainment” + “Windjammers” = “Disc Jam”?! You don’t know what I mean?

Umm… you know “Windjammers”? No? “Windjammers” is a well received air hockey game released for SNK’s Neo Geo decades ago – and –hot news!– it’s coming to Switch this year!
And… who or what is “High Horse Entertainment”, you ask yourself? “High Horse Entertainment” is a joint venture between Jay Mattis and Timothy Rapp. They founded an indie studio to publish their air hockey game “Disc Jam”.

“Disc Jam” is the mental successor of “Windjammers” – “Windjammers” is played in 2D, “Disc Jam” is a 3D game.

You throw your disc and your opponent should not get it – that’s how to score. Sounds easy? It is – in Windjammers. This game isn’t based on advanced techniques. But Disc Jam is. It is not a game for newbies.

This sounds great for people who search for challenges. But this is the biggest problem of “Disc Jam” too – the controls are not easy to master and it never feels so intuitive like “Windjammers”.

You have to learn how to handle it – then you can have your fun with it. Online and offline! When you play online be careful – people are very advanced and don’t allow many mistakes. Be a strong player if you wanna go online. Or you will get frustrated soon…

“Disc Jam” is not a bad game. But the 3D perspective is not what I expect from an air hockey game – it’s more a tennis game like Mario Tennis now. With discs. The graphics are very nice and the sound is OK – nothing spectacular.

If you can’t wait for “Windjammers”, search for a challenge and wanna play online, take a look. But I think “Windjammers” is in all ways the better game.

The Good

+ Graphics
+ Good online experience

The Bad

– The control scheme is only OK, but not as intuitive as in “Windjammers”

Soup Verdict: You can taste this soup, it’s OK, but wait for the tastier soup.


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