Game Review: Rocket League (Switch)

Game Review: Rocket League (Switch)

Rocket League is a gaming phenomenon originally released for PS4 and Windows back in 2015. It has since been ported to Xbox, OS X, Linux and now, the Nintendo Switch. It has become a staple game for eSports and also a cross-platform pastime. This is a huge release for the Switch as Rocket League has 25 million players and has surpassed over 1 billion matches. I, for one, was very excited about this release. Rocket League is a huge third party title and great for a holiday release. How did it fare?


Simple concept: 3-on-3 rocket-powered cars playing soccer. When you tell someone the concept, it sounds ridiculous. When you play however, it is addictive fun. The matches are five-minute timed heats. The team with the highest score at the end is the winner, and with each win your rank goes up. Aside from practice, gameplay is done exclusively online. This become troublesome when I was on the go and couldn’t find a WiFi connection. Although, that just made me hungrier to get connected and play. This game became wildly addicting very fast.

You have additional controls including a boost and a jump. You build your boost by collecting orbs scattered around the field. You can also drive up the side gates and roof. You can crash into your opponents and temporarily disable them. The most difficult part is actually scoring, and that is somewhat due to the change in the camera angle. You can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of excitement when you finally do score though!


This weird concept is a total payoff for developer Psyonix. The game has been on the market for over two years and shows no signs of stopping. After logging in and customizing your vehicle, you want to jump right into a match. What makes the Switch version so special is that you play at home or on the go! I have enjoyed playing local multiplayer and also with fellow gamers online. The portability of the Switch allows you to play on your time. I enjoyed playing this at home with my family and then immediately undocking and taking it out to work. I could not put this game down and had fun playing for hours at a time. This game definitely has years worth of replayability to it. Visually, it’s not groundbreaking, but it is quite easy on the eyes. You will get the same out of the game graphically regardless of what system you play on. These online multiplayer can be cumbersome depending on the connection, and while there were a few dropped matches, it was pretty seamless. I got so much joy out of these five minute matches.


This game is a huge value in a small package. The price point of $19.99 is very attractive. It’s a massive online multiplayer that offers endless entertainment and will keep you engaged for hours. Visually, Rocket League, is colorful and exciting. The blasts and goals are like a party. It is so easy to get sucked and go round for round with this game. The practice helped get a feel for the rather simple controls. This game is reminiscent of (a less violent) Twisted Metal. I played with the same joy and reverence as the PS1 classic. I think the concept is so out there that it is good! Another benefit is how easy it is to pick up and play. This game is accessible to gamer vets and newbies alike. I think this title being on the switch will be another selling-point to the casual player. I keep finding new ways to play and win. There is no greater joy in this game than taking your team to victory. Some teams were a little unevenly distributed, but that doesn’t happen frequently. This game is also appealing to gamers of all ages. I think this is fun grab-and-go title that is worth the money!


  • The price!
  • The fun visuals
  • The Mario-themed skins
  • Value


  • Online-only
  • Limited training mode
  • Wonky camera angles


A code was provided by Psynoix for the purpose of this review.

4 thoughts on “Game Review: Rocket League (Switch)

  1. What was this review? This does not make any justice to the game on the Switch. Your review is fair for new Rocket League gamers but not for veterans of the game, sorry. The game is way better on the PC or other console rather than on the Switch. The PS4 port doesn’t have the ability to change the video settings I believe but the Switch port is way worse, the dynamic scaling resolution, the inability to be able to customise the video settings when the console itself is way underpowered compared to the other consoles on the market would do great with some customisable video settings to the player.

    For someone that played the game also. Since it’s release on PC, the low frame rate pared with the horrendous resolution you get when playing in undocked mode, is a mess. I rather be able to turn down all the visuals and just have a 720p resolution than having what it comes as of right now. It’s playable in docked mode, the resolution is still bad, the frame rat is still bad, but I can play it, sure. With the ability to fiddle with the video settings I think Rocket League would be a way better gaming experience than it is right now.

    To be able to play this game without having to take my freaking desktop with me is amazing, it’s just those negative points that don’t make any sense to this port and I believe Psyonix would be capable to implement them.

    I hope you take my comment In the right way, thank you for the review.

    1. Hey Helix,

      Thanks for your feedback. I didn’t have the same experience as you with the Switch version of Rocket League. I thought it was a great port and obviously the portability of this title is the selling point. I think visually it is anything but distracting. I had issues playing the game. Obviously this title is not visually demanding. I’m not one for tech talk, I leave that to Digital Foundry. What I look for is not is the game running at the same resolution or frame rate , but are visuals and graphics distracting? And no they aren’t.

      I’m a fan of this title. I hope you are too! Cheers.

  2. Haha, I totally agree about when you tell someone the concept of Rocket League and they find it ridiculous but then people come back to you and say its so addictive.

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