Game Review + Unboxing: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Switch)

Game Review + Unboxing: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Switch)

It was 1989, so almost 30 years ago, and a little console called Master System was on the market. And – the third part of a great Jump’n’Run series was launched: Wonder Boy III. Gamers all around the world fell in love with the cute little protagonist who was able to mutate into Lizard-Man, Mouse-Man, Piranha-Man, Hawk-Man and Lion-Man. Every metamorphosis offered new abilities and then you were able to reach new areas of the stages. It was a sensation and made SEGA a popular gaming company!

Yes, this was long, long ago… but the little Wonder Boy has never been forgotten. In 2017 Lizardcube created a great and modern remake and it became fast a download hit for Nintendo’s Switch. Yes, it became so popular that Nicalis and Headup Games have made now a retail version for North America and Europe.

The European version comes with a mini soundtrack CD, a pvc strap and a nice coloured instruction booklet – true collectors will love it! And you can find all stuff in that little normal Switch box!

But – is the game worth your money?! Easy: of course, it is! Lizardcube didn’t change the level areas or the basics of the soundtrack. They only made up the graphics and the stunning soundtrack was remastered. But if you want, you can switch back to the old version, only by pressing a button during the game!

The remaster is made with love. It offers the same great experience like the Master System hit decades ago. You have to combine and think and always to choose the right transformation to get through the levels and to find everything hidden. The jumping and running (and flying) in 2D is still great fun and it will stay a great fun! 2D platformers like this one never get old! You can dive through oceans, fly through the heaven, go into Japanese castles or explore a forest – the game’s variety is still a class for its own. The controls are perfect too – Westone and SEGA did a great job in 1989. If Sonic is too fast for you, try this game!


  • Level design

  • Transformation feature

  • Soundtrack

  • Great Controls


  • It has an ending

Soup Verdict: A very old soup that never lost its great taste – it’s still hot and should be tried by every gamer who is hungry for a great experience!


A retail copy was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.