GameStop To Get NES Classic Restock Next Week

GameStop To Get NES Classic Restock Next Week

Just like Nintendo has promised, they’ve made a truck full of NES Classic to satisfy all the retro fans out there. GameStop has come out to say that they are getting the restock next week on 29 June 2018.

However, if you want to get your hands on it you might have to be quick, GameStop says that there should be at least 10 units of NES Classic per store but it is still considered “short supply”

If you weren’t able to get your hands on an NES Classic during its initial run, you’ll soon have an opportunity to pick one up at GameStop. The video game retailer announced that it is receiving a new stock of NES Classic consoles next week, on June 29, but they’ll be in short supply.

According to GameStop, the retailer will have “at least 10 units per store,” although some locations may have a larger stock. As before, the console will retail for $60, but it will only be available in limited quantities, which will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you aren’t able to head down to any of the GameStop brick and mortar shops, you can also try your luck online when GameStop list the console up again.