GameTech Reveals Gamer’s Glove For Nintendo Switch Controllers

GameTech Reveals Gamer’s Glove For Nintendo Switch Controllers

Japanese accessory maker GameTech has announced a very unusual accessory today called Gamer’s Glove.

Gamer’s Glove is touted as a glove that gamers could wear while playing games. According to GameTech, the gloves are compatible with all Nintendo Switch controllers, including the Ring-Con for Ring Fit Adventure.

By wearing the Gamer’s Gloves, GameTech says gamers will enhance their gameplay experience as the controller they’re holding will not easily “slip off” their hands, thanks to the non-slip material and honeycomb pattern of the gloves. This will also “greatly help” those playing fitness games such as Ring Fit Adventure.

Check out the pictures below:


The Gamer’s Glove will be released in two colors – black and black x orange. There’s only one size, which is called free size. Both gloves will be released in February 20, 2020 in Japan.

Pre-order yours via Amazon Japan below (ships worldwide):


Black X Orange

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