Genshin Impact Receives Character Profile For Xiangling

Genshin Impact Receives Character Profile For Xiangling

Still deeply curious about Genshin Impact for consoles? Here’s a new peek at its colorful cast!

miHoYo has shared a new profile for character Xiangling, a culinary expert residing in Liyue. Fittingly enough, the fighting chef wields fire at her fingertips – which she can channel through a staff!

Check out the full details below (courtesy of Gematsu):

Xiangling (voiced by Ari Ozawa)

“Never cook Silk Flower and Sweet Flower together! Turns out it’s so sweet it’ll give you toothache for three days straight…” – A hard-earned pearl of wisdom from Xiangling’s notebook.

  • Exquisite Delicacy
  • Chef de Cuisine
  • Vision: Pyro
  • Constellation: Ladle

Liyue is home to two rival culinary traditions, conveniently named the “Li” and “Yue” styles. Foodies in Liyue are staunch supporters of one style or the other, and have long been embroiled in a bitter battle to prove the superiority of their style.

In this war waged by culinary snobs, ostentation is everything, flavor gets forgotten, and nothing is a simple matter of taste. Much to the consternation of Liyue’s chefs, the Li vs. Yue debate eats up all of the region’s rare cooking ingredients in the pursuit of ever-more-pretentious dishes.

Born into a restaurateur family, Xiangling inherited her fair share of this consternation. But she also chose to inherit the Wanmin Restaurant and become one of the few to push back against the status quo.

“Good food is good food, period!” Xiangling’s mantra is an antidote to snobbery as she sets about creating her imaginative and unconventional dishes.

From a pinch of Mist Flower and a drop of Slime Condensate to a handful of unidentified flying insects and even hilichurls’ wooden clubs, Xiangling is known to be somewhat adventurous with her choice of cooking ingredients.

Naturally, her unique approach leads to the occasional disastrous dish. But Xiangling never gives up, because of what her father has always said to her: “There are many secrets to cooking; the most important of which is passion.”

Genshin Impact will be heading to Switch, PS4 and other platforms in 2020. We’ll report back when we hear more!