Gorgeous 2D Platformer Gris Announced For Nintendo Switch

Gorgeous 2D Platformer Gris Announced For Nintendo Switch

A beautiful 2D platformer called Gris has been revealed for Nintendo Switch.

Devolver Digital will be publishing Gris on Nintendo Switch in December 2018. The game’s artwork is designed by Catalan artist Conrad Roset.

Check out the first gameplay footage and details below.

– 2D platformer
– set in a dream-like world filled with crumbling statues, towering temples and inky, shape-shifting birds
– trees shift between square, triangular and completely invisible states
– the main character is a hopeful young girl
– the game utilizees watercolor shades of pink, blue, red and green
– developed by Spanish company Nomada Studio
– gameplay is a mix of platforming, puzzles and light exploration
– landscapes are littered with white glimmering specks that zip around like fireflies
– pick them up and you’ll be able to form pathways
– these fireflies also unlock new abilities that manifest through Gris’ dress
– one lets you perform a double-jump and glide
– another lets you smash open vases and stand firm against strong gusts of wind
– no HUD or on-screen text, except for a button prompt when you first unlock a new ability
– the camera zooms automatically to frame an environmental puzzle or floating obstacles
– the game’s artwork was handled by Catalan artist Conrad Roset
– no health system, so you can’t die from a mis-timed jump
– there are enemies, but they mostly play into puzzles
– there’s a giant bird that pushes you around with an ear-piercing screech, which is staved off with a ground-pound ability
– you can also use the bird’s screeches to push you across gaps to new locations
– the game prioritizes atmosphere and emotion over gameplay complexity
– features a subtle, dialog-free story about personal loss
– the heroine is exploring “her own world” and trying to deal with a painful experience in her life
– at one point in the game, Gris will return to a statue where she started off
– at this point she’ll curl up into a ball and start ejecting a blue, ink-like substance that bleeds out into the world
– this will trigger a driving rain in the game
– inspired by Journey, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Inside
– published by Devolver Digital
– due out this December
– game’s intro reveals Gris as she’s suddenly hit by devastating loss
– the joy and comfort that once surrounded her crumbles and collapses
– Gris tumbles far downwards, awakening lost and alone in a vast desert