Granblue Fantasy Versus Developers Not Ruling Out A Switch Port

Granblue Fantasy Versus Developers Not Ruling Out A Switch Port

Earlier this year, Arc System Works and Cygames revealed that they were developing Granblue Fantasy Versus – a fighting game within the Granblue franchise. With the game looking as stunning as last year’s Dragon Ball FighterZ, many have been wondering if the game will release outside of the PS4.

Recently, the game’s producer Takayuki Yasuda spoke to DualShockers about the matter. When the topic of a Switch port emerged, Yasuda-san certainly wasn’t opposed to the opportunity of the game going handheld:

“…handhelds are super big in Japan. It’s so easy to play and access. What we envision kind of requires higher specs with the console games. However, one thing that really drives it this time around is that we want as many people as possible to get introduced to the franchise and enjoy the game. We aren’t taking a stance saying no we definitely won’t be doing something on Switch, that’s not the case. Ultimately, it always strongly depends on the game itself. What platform is best suited for a certain title? That is the decision we have to make.”

As with all non-committal comments like this, it’s hard to say what Arc System Works or Cygames will choose to do. With Switch console sales completely steam-rolling the PS4 in Japan, however, perhaps their tune could change in the future.