Grand Merchandise Revealed For Pokemon Center’s 20th Anniversary

Grand Merchandise Revealed For Pokemon Center’s 20th Anniversary

The Pokemon Company is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the very first Pokemon Center which opened in Japan on April 25, 2018.

Besides an extensive campaign, special 20th anniversary merchandise will be produced and sold at all Pokemon Center locations, heavily featuring Pikachu, Shaymin, and the starters of every Pokemon game.

First up is the Pair Plush featuring Pikachu and Shaymin. The plush design hearkens back to the very first Pokemon Center plushies every made.

Another special product is the “10 Thousand Years Calendar” featuring both Pikachu and Shaymin. You can adjust the month, date, and day manually.

For Pokemon TCG fans, you may be interested in this Pokemon Center 20th Anniversary design case and deck shields.

The Pokemon Center 20th Anniversary merchandise will be available at Pokemon Center locations, Pokemon Store locations, and Amazon Japan, which ships them worldwide. We will post an update once pre-orders go live.

Check out the full product list and gallery right below.

Pair Plush Pikachu & Shaymin 2,600 yen(★)
10 Thousand Years Calendar 3,500 yen(★)
A4 3 Pocket Clear File 360 yen
Fusen Set 700 yen(★)
A5 Ring Notebook 650 yen(★)
Masking Tape 700 yen(★)
Stickers 600 yen(★)
Mug in a Box 1,400 yen(★)
Hand Towel 500 yen(★)
Mini Bath Towel 2,000 yen(★)
Logo Pin 700 yen(★)
Pass Case 1,600 yen(★)
Pencil Pouch 1,500 yen(★)
Keychain 900 yen(★)
Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Deck Case and Sleeves 1,000 yen(★)
Assorted Cookies 1,500 yen

<Pokemon Center Online Exclusive>
Premium Frame Stamp Set 6,500 yen

All items listed are exclusive of 8% sales tax

Items marked with(★)will be available on Amazon Japan