GreyBox Explains Why RiME Was Delayed For Nintendo Switch

GreyBox Explains Why RiME Was Delayed For Nintendo Switch

GreyBox recently confirmed puzzle adventure game RiME will be heading to Nintendo Switch this November. In a new blog post, the developers explain why they couldn’t release it at the same time as the other platforms in May, and how they will maintain platform parity.

The first reason is because of a late decision GreyBox made to go multi-platform, which was decided “a few months” before the announcement to the public. During that time, the company wasn’t actively working on the Switch SKU, but on the PC and Xbox versions.

Work on the Switch SKU begun in August 2016, and as the Switch is a new console, there were many trial and error. The developers didn’t know they were wrong until work started to “wrap up” earlier this year.

As the Switch port wasn’t up to their quality expectations, they decided to delay it and make use of the extra time to figure out how to “get things to where they needed to be”. As the solutions needed more time to implement, the game was pushed back for the second time.

If all goes well, it will take two months once these optimizations are done, and there will not be a further delay.

To maintain platform parity, the developers have included an achievement system in the Switch version of RiME, and they’re doing “everything in our power” to ensure the gameplay experience remains consistent on all platforms.