Guide: Earning Millions Of Pokedollars Quickly In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Guide: Earning Millions Of Pokedollars Quickly In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokedollars (AKA Money) are an important resource in Pokemon games, required to obtain Pokeballs, TMs, Vitamins, Clothing and more.

If you ever find yourself short on cash in Pokemon Sword And Shield, worry not, for there are plenty of ways for players to earn millions of Pokedollars using the right combination of items, Pokemon and strategies. Below you will find some useful tips and tricks for maximizing your earnings through battle.

Held Items that Increase Prize Money

There are two items in Pokemon Sword And Shield that allow players to earn more money if held by Pokemon. These are the Amulet Coin and the Luck Incense:

  • Amulet Coin – Found behind a sign east of Motostoke on the way to Galar Mine 2, doubles amount of prize money earned from battle.
  • Luck Incense – Bought from the Incense seller in Hulburry, doubles amount of prize money earned from battle.

If a Pokemon holding either one of these items participates in a battle, the amount of prize money Players will earn will be doubled. Do note that the effect does not stack, so players only really need to have one of these items for their Pokemon to hold.

Farm The Postgame Tournament

As with all Pokemon games, one of the most efficient ways to earn money is through the Champion Rematch or “Elite Four” re-run. That said, the Galar region does things a little differently, swapping out the Elite Four for an anime-style Champion Cup Tournament. Once players have become Champion, they will be able to hold a Tournament at any time with up to 10 players of their choice.

By participating in the postgame tournament using Pokemon holding the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense, players can earn anywhere between 60 ~ 70K per tournament run. As this method will also reap a lot of experience points, players may want to kill two birds with one stone by bringing along any low-leveled Pokemon they need trained.

Use Gigantamax Meowth

Players who bought Pokemon Sword And Shield before January 15th are eligible to receive Gigantamax Meowth as a Mystery Gift (accessed through the main menu). Although the Meowth cannot evolve, it has access to the move G-Max Gold Rush. This move allows you to earn up to 99,999 Pokedollars in a single battle, so long as you follow these steps:

  1. Level Gigantamax Meowth to level 100
  2. Equip Gigantamax Meowth with an Amulet Coin or Luck Incense
  3. Use G-Max Gold Rush in battle consecutively
    • Each use of G-Max Gold Rush gives you increasing amounts of money, capping at 99,999
    • 1 time : Meowth Level x 100 Pokedollars
    • 2 times: Meowth Level x 200 Pokedollars
    • 3 times: Meowth Level x 300 Pokedollars
  4. Watch out for Ghost Types, as they are immune to G-Max Gold Rush and could break your streak

Selling Valuable Items

Another way to earn money is to sell valuable items, which can be found under “Treasures” tab in the Bag. Items such as Pearls, Nuggets and Comet Shards have no use other than to be sold for money, so it is recommended that you sell them as soon as possible to rake in the dough.

Valuable Items can be found from many different sources, such as:

  • On the ground in the Wild Area
  • As rewards from Max Raid Battles
  • Dug up by the Digging Bros near the Wild Area Nursery

Watt Farming

The final way to earn lots of money quickly is to use the Raid exploit previously discussed in this article. Instead of focusing on catching Gigantamax Pokemon, players can instead use the method to farm Watts, the currency of the Wild Area.

Once they have accumulated a lot of Watts, they can be exchanged for massive amounts of Pokedollars by first purchasing Luxury Balls with the Watts from a Watt Vendor, then selling those balls at any Pokemart for Pokedollars.

For a full explanation of how this method works, you can watch Austin John Plays‘ video on the method below:

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