Guide: How To Craft All Mushroom & Maple Leaf DIY Recipes For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Guide: How To Craft All Mushroom & Maple Leaf DIY Recipes For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With the arrival of November, many Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are now enjoying even more new surprises in the game’s Autumn season.

These surprises include new seasonal crafting materials in the form of mushrooms and maple leaves, which are essential for a new round of seasonal DIY items. You can find quick guide about these materials and DIY items below:

Gathering Mushrooms and Maple Leaves

  • Mushrooms can be found through the following methods throughout November:
    • Picking up from below trees (Skinny, Flat, Round, Elegant Mushrooms).
    • Digging them up from holes beneath or near trees (Rare Mushrooms).
  • Maple Leaves can be caught with a net from November 16th till November 25th

Mushroom And Maple Leaf Recipes

There are a total of 12 DIY recipes which require mushrooms and 9 DIY recipes which require maple leaves. These DIY recipes can only be obtained from popping balloons during the Fall season, so make sure to have your slingshot ready at all times!

If you wish to craft all the mushroom and maple leaf recipes, you will require the following amounts:

  • 14 Flat Mushrooms
  • 1 Rare Mushroom
  • 8 Round Mushrooms
  • 15 Skinny Mushrooms
  • 3 Elegant Mushrooms
  • 51 Maple Leaves

A full breakdown of all the required materials for each recipe can be found below (big thanks to GameWith and Animal Crossing World for compiling this list):



Mushroom Wreath

Tree Branch ×10
Round Mushroom ×1
Skinny Mushroom ×1
Flat Mushroom ×1

Mushroom Screen

Skinny Mushroom ×3

Mushroom Log

Skinny Mushroom ×2
Log Stool ×1

Mushroom Table

Flat Mushroom x2
Wood x6

Mushroom Forest Wall

Elegant Mushroom x2
Round Mushroom x2
Skinny Mushroom x2
Flat Mushroom x2
Wood x10

Mushroom Lamp

Skinny Mushroom x1
Clay x5

Mushroom Stool

Round Mushroom x2

Mushroom Flooring

Rare Mushroom x1
Round Mushroom x2
Skinny Mushroom x2
Flat Mushroom x2
Weeds x10

Mushroom Parasol

Flat Mushroom x3

Mushroom Wallpaper

Elegant Mushroom x1
Round Mushroom x1
Skinny Mushroom x1
Flat Mushroom x1

Mushroom Wand

Skinny Mushroom x3
Star Fragment x3

Mushroom Umbrella

Flat Mushroom x3


Maple Leaf


Red-Leaf Pile

Maple Leaf ×3
Weeds ×4

Tree’s Bounty Big Tree

Pine Cone ×5
Acorn ×4
Maple Leaf ×4
Tree Branch ×8
Clay ×4

Tree’s Bounty Arch

Pine Cone ×4
Acorn ×5
Maple Leaf ×5
Tree Branch ×15

Maple Leaf Stool

Maple Leaf ×3
Wood ×3

Maple Leaf Pond

Stone x10
Maple Leaf x3

Maple Leaf Pochette

Maple Leaf x6

Maple Leaf Wallpaper

Maple Leaf x10
Weeds x15

Maple Leaf Flooring

Maple Leaf x10
Wood x5
Weeds x5

Maple Leaf Umbrella

Maple Leaf x7

That’s the general gist of these new Autumn DIY recipes. Be sure to check back later in the year for more new recipes as we move into Winter.