Guide: How To Craft All Pumpkin DIY Recipes For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Guide: How To Craft All Pumpkin DIY Recipes For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With the arrival of October, a whole bunch of spooky pumpkin items are now available for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players to craft and collect.

These new seasonal items can be obtained from a variety of methods such as by crafting them yourself with pumpkins, or buying them from Nook’s Cranny. You can find a quick guide for growing pumpkins and finding the DIY recipes below:

Growing Pumpkins

  • Pumpkins can be grown from starts sold at Nook’s Cranny (280 bells each) or by Leif (140 bells each).
  • Pumpkins will take 4 days to become fully grown and ready for harvest. If they are watered every day, they may sometimes yield up to 3 pumpkins per start.
  • Pumpkins come in 4 colours: Orange, Yellow, White, and Green. Players will only know what colour they will get when the pumpkin plant is fully grown.
    • Only Orange pumpkins are required for DIY recipes, the other colours are exclusively for customization.
  • Pumpkin plants will continue to grow more pumpkins as long as they remain planted in the ground.

Pumpkin DIY Recipes

There are a total of 14 spooky DIY recipes that require pumpkins to craft. These DIY recipes can only be obtained from the following methods during October:

  • Talking to villagers while they are working on their workbench.
  • Talking to villagers and giving them candy on Halloween Night (They may also give furniture instead).
  • Talking to Jack and giving him lollipops on Halloween Night (Spooky Carriage, Spooky Wand recipes)

The spooky furniture items themselves also have a chance of being sold at Nook’s Cranny, where players can also buy candy to prepare for Halloween night. Only one spooky furniture item and one piece of candy can be purchased per day.

If you wish to craft all the spooky recipes, you will require around about 78 orange pumpkins (big thanks to GameWith and Animal Crossing World for compiling this list):

Spooky candy setSpooky candy set– Orange Pumpkin x1
– Candy x3
Spooky lantern setSpooky lantern set– Orange Pumpkin x4
– Clump Of Weeds x4
Spooky garlandSpooky garland– Orange Pumpkin x1
– Iron Nugget x1
– Clay x1
Spooky tableSpooky table– Orange Pumpkin x 14
– Softwood x10
Spooky table settingSpooky table setting– Orange Pumpkin x1
– Iron Nuggets x 1
– Clay x1
Spooky standing lampSpooky standing lamp– Orange Pumpkin x3
– Hardwood x5
– Clay x1
Spooky lanternSpooky lantern– Orange Pumpkin x4
Spooky chairSpooky chair– Orange Pumpkin x3
– Softwood x 3
Spooky scarecrowSpooky scarecrow– Orange Pumpkin x3
– Wood x4
Spooky towerSpooky tower– Orange Pumpkin x7
Spooky archSpooky arch– Orange Pumpkin x 10
– Hardwood x 10
– Clay x 3
Spooky fenceSpooky Fence– Orange Pumpkin x3
– Iron Nugget x 5
Spooky carriageSpooky carriage– Orange Pumpkin x 30
– Hardwood x 20
– Wood x 20
– Softwood x 20
– Iron Nugget x 10

*Get recipe by giving Jack Lollipops 2 times

Spooky wandSpooky wand– Spooky lantern x1
– Star Fragment x 3

*Get recipe by giving Jack Lollipops 3 times

Other Halloween Items

NameHow To Get
JackJack’s robe– Get from Jack when you give him a Candy for the 1st time
JackJack’s face– Get from Jack when you give him a Candy for the 2nd time
Spooky rugSpooky rug– Give Candy to a villager on Halloween Night
Spooky wallSpooky wall– Give Candy to a villager on Halloween Night
Spooky flooringSpooky flooring– Give Candy to a villager on Halloween Night

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