Guide: How To Craft All Summer Shell DIY Recipes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Guide: How To Craft All Summer Shell DIY Recipes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With the turn of June, many Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are now enjoying new surprises in the game’s Summer season. Of course, this new season brings with it some new exclusive items as well!

In particular, you might notice new ‘Summer Shells’ appearing all over your beach during the season. These are essential in crafting new DIY items, so check out the quick guide below on what you need to obtain all of them:

Getting Summer Shells

  • Summer shells (pictured above) are shaped like conch shells and have a blue coloration.
  • They will spawn on one’s beaches at random during these months:
    • Northern Hemisphere: 1 June ~ 31 August
    • Southern Hemisphere: 1 December ~ 28 February

Summer Shell DIY Recipes

There are total of 8 DIY recipes that can be crafted from Summer Shells. These DIY recipes can only be obtained from popping balloons during the Summer season, so make sure to have your slingshot ready at all times!

In total, at least 30 Summer Shells are required to craft one of each DIY recipe (big thanks to GameWith for compiling this list):


South Seas Wall
Summer Shell ×5

Water Floor
Summer Shell ×6

Underwater Flooring
Summer Shell ×3
Coral ×3

Shell Wand
Summer Shell ×3
Star Fragment ×3

Shell Pochette
Summer Shell ×6
Giant Clam ×2

Starry Sand Floor
Summer Shell ×3
Sandy-Beach Flooring ×1

Shell Wreath
Summer Shell ×1
Sand Snail ×1
Sand Dollar ×1
Coral ×1
Giant Clam ×1
Cowrie ×1

Underwater Wall
Summer Shell ×3
Coral ×5

That’s the general gist of these exclusive Summer DIY recipes! All the best in grabbing them all!