[Update] Guide: How To Find Feebas In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl

[Update] Guide: How To Find Feebas In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl

In the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the Fish Pokemon Feebas was very difficult to find and capture, keeping in line with a tradition from its first appearance in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, where it was similarly cryptic to obtain.

Being faithful remakes of the originals, the difficult method of encountering Feebas returns in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl pretty much unchanged. For those who have never played the original versions of the games, you can find a short guide for finding Feebas below:

  • Feebas can be caught through fishing in the basement of Mt. Coronet, accessed through Route 211.
  • Instead of being a regular random encounter, Feebas can only be fished out of 4 specific water tiles in the area. The tiles can also contain other Pokemon, making them challenging to identify.
    • In some cases, the selected tiles may not be water tiles at all, meaning the player might not be able to catch Feebas on that day.
  • The 4 tiles are randomly selected each day, meaning that if the player fishes out a Feebas on one day, going back to the same water tile the next day might not allow them to catch a Feebas again.
  • However, if another player has found Feebas’ tile and Mixing Records with them in the Union Room, will allow both players share the 4 tiles for the rest of the day.

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[Update]: Fans have created a new tool that can be used to calculate the exact tiles where a player can find Feebas on a particular day using the Lotto ID number. You can find a link to this tool here, and an explanation for how it works below:

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