Guide: How To Get Free Nintendo Switch Online With Platinum Points

Guide: How To Get Free Nintendo Switch Online With Platinum Points

Did you know there is a way to get one week of free Nintendo Switch Online membership every month?

In this guide, we teach you how to do exactly just that. We highly recommend this for players who don’t usually play online or are looking to save some moolah.

Step 1: Change your Nintendo Account region to Japan

As the reward is exclusive to My Nintendo members in Japan, you have to change your Nintendo Account region to Japan, which could be done here. Please note you cannot change your country if your account has a recurring Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Step 2: Claim the code

Once that’s done, click here to visit the page to redeem one week’s worth of Nintendo Switch Online subscription for 100 Platinum Points. The reward is redeemable once every month.

Step 3: Redeem the code

Once you have received your code, head over to the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch, and redeem the code in the section called “番号の入力” which could be found on the orange navigation bar.

Step 4: How to get Platinum Points?

Earning Platinum Points is pretty easy on My Nintendo. If you are struggling to earn points, the easiest way is to visit the My Nintendo home page every week. Doing so will net you 30 points a week, or 120 points a month.

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