HAL Laboratory Celebrates Their 39th Anniversary

HAL Laboratory Celebrates Their 39th Anniversary

HAL Laboratory, a second party Nintendo developer, celebrates their 39th anniversary in Japan today.

The company was founded in 1980 in Tokyo. Many prominent game developers, from late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai, all came from HAL Laboratory. HAL Laboratory was the studio that brought us the Kirby series and BOXBOY series.

To celebrate, HAL Laboratory has prepared a special comic featuring BOXBOY’s Qbby and Qudy, which you can check out below (translated by NintendoSoup):

Title: 39th anniversary this year!

Panel 1

Qbby: Hey! Today’s BoxBoy’s 39th Anniversary!

Panel 2

Qudy: That’s wrong! HAL Laboratory has turned 39 today!

Panel 3

Qbby: 39th Qbby Anniversary…

Qudy: This is too absurd…

Panel 4

Qbby and Qudy: Thank you 39th Anniversary!

HAL: Please treat us well from here on!

Alongside the comic is the following message:

“All of our employees will try our best to deliver new surprises and fun in the coming year”

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