Here’s A Look At The Splatoon Predecessor That Was Ended By Leaks

Here’s A Look At The Splatoon Predecessor That Was Ended By Leaks

Did You Know Gaming and Liam Robertson have published a new video detailing a family friendly FPS Wii U project High Voltage Software and Nintendo were working together on.

According to sources at High Voltage Software, Nintendo told the company to make a game that featured water guns so it could be “family friendly”. Everything else was decided by the studio. The game had a theme park feel similar to Super Mario Sunshine, and a world inhabited by robots.

Unfortunately, the project was ended in a month as someone had leaked the game to the press. While Nintendo promised that the project would go on as long as the leaker is named, High Voltage Software was unable to find out who, and thus, the project was cancelled.

Learn more about the cancelled project in the video below.

In this video, Liam takes a look at how Splatoon’s predecessor was ended by leaks. This predecessor prototype was developed for the Nintendo Wii U by The Conduit developer High Voltage Software, who were contacted by Nintendo who expressed interest in developing an exclusive FPS for their upcoming system. The prototype was based around using water pistols, similar to the weapons in Splatoon, which has since become one Nintendo’s biggest franchises having success on both the Wii U and Nintendo Switch.