Here’s A Breakdown Of What’s Missing In FIFA 18 Switch

Here’s A Breakdown Of What’s Missing In FIFA 18 Switch

With the launch of FIFA 18, we can finally uncover everything that is missing from the Nintendo Switch version of the game that is present on other platforms.

Up till today, EA has kept quiet on the Switch version’s missing features. Thanks to USGamer, we now have a look at everything that is missing from the Switch version. Check out the breakdown below.

  • Squad Battles and Weekend League: One of the newer features in FIFA 18 is Squad Battles—a rotating set of games in FIFA Ultimate Team where you can earn points and climb up a leaderboard for major rewards. Sadly, Squad Battles doesn’t make the cut in the Switch version, and neither does Weekend League—a popular mode in which you win games to qualify for a weekend tournament with major prizes. What does make it? Squad Building Challenges and Daily Objectives are both still available, as are the Single Player and Online Drafts. Losing Weekend League and Squad Battles is a serious drag, though. It makes Ultimate Team, which was dicey to begin with on the Switch, an almost total non-starter.
  • The Presentation: FIFA 18 on the Switch rolls back all the really nice additions to the presentation found in the other version, including the league-specific overlays for MLS, enhanced crowds, and improved celebrations. The crowd audio also regresses back to the more generic songs for MLS games (though you can still hear the “Gala-xy!” chants at Galaxy home games). Basically, the presentation is about where it was with FIFA 16.
  • Transfer Negotiations and Release Clauses in Career Mode: This is a bit of a bummer: release clauses and sell-on clauses are missing from career mode. So are the owner mode-like financials introduced in FIFA 17, though they were kind of superfluous anyway. As you might expect, Transfer Negotiations are also back to being conducted via email rather than via cutscene as they are in the other versions. This is a loss, but I’m more disappointed that I can’t trigger Messi’s release clause and start some serious trouble.
  • Certain Formations: Certain formations that are prevalent in FIFA Ultimate Team are unavailable in the other modes in the Switch version. That includes 4-1-2-1-2, which happens to be my favorite formation. What gives, EA?

    Another weird thing: Tactical instructions are hidden beyond a “Customize Formation” option rather than getting their own tab. For a second, I totally thought that I couldn’t tell my Strikers to “Get in Behind.” I eventually found it, though. It was just very well-hidden.

While FIFA 18 didn’t fare well in terms of feature parity, at least it got performance right on the Switch. The game runs at a smooth 60fps and 1080p when docked. This is in contrast with NBA 2K18, which had feature parity but suffered in terms of performance and all sorts of glitches.

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