Here’s What You Can Eat At The Mega Man Cafe

Here’s What You Can Eat At The Mega Man Cafe

Earlier this week, we shared with you photos of what you can buy at the Mega Man Cafe that has opened in Japan this week. Now we have a look at what’s there to eat!

First up is the Mega Man Curry (1380 yen + sales tax). Yes, that blue liquid thing is curry. It comes with rice, veggies, and edible eyes.

Up next – Stage Selection Pizza (1380 yen + sales tax). Comes with all the bosses you can fight, pepperoni, and some blue… paste?

Time for something sweet! Here’s Dr. Wily Stage Log Cake Tower (1280 yen + sales tax):

Time for some drinks based on Mega Blaster and Roll (800 yen + sales tax each):

Here’s a look at the full menu:

And the coasters and lunch mat you can get by ordering food and drinks:

The Mega Man Cafe is open from now till March 28, 2018. For more information on the Mega Man Cafe, click here.