Here’s more details about the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Here’s more details about the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The official Japanese website for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has opened, giving us new details of the game’s world, characters, and more.

Check out the translated information from the website below.

‘Arst’, world concealed by an ocean of cloudsThere are numerous creatures living within the cloud ocean, this especially enormous creature is called a “Titan”
Humans have created a settlement on top of Ars.

* Note: Nintendo Treehouse used the term “Titan” for the giant creatures in the game.


A variant life-form born when a human touches a core crystal.

Blade are born along with a weapon, dedicating their existence to the human that created them and growing alongside them. They’re cleaving a path through the conflict.


Chosen human capable of bringing Blades into existence. Drivers can synchronize with the Blade, granting them access to a great variety of powers.

Rex, VA: Shimono Hiro

An energetic young boy working as a Salvager.
He meets with Pyra, and becomes deeply embroiled in the fate of the world.

Pyra, VA: Shimoji Shino

The partner Blade to Rex.
Possesses the power of flame.
Is headed for Elysium along with Rex.



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