Here’s How Heavy The Nintendo Labo Kits Are

Here’s How Heavy The Nintendo Labo Kits Are

Wondering how heavy the Nintendo Labo kits are? Thanks to an Amazon Japan update, we now know how heavy each kit weighs!

According to Amazon Japan, the Variety Kit, which contains Toy-Con such as Piano, House, Car, Motorbike, and Fishing Rod, weighs 2.4kg (5.29 pounds). The Robot Kit, which features the Toy-Con Robot, comes in at 2.46kg (5.42 pounds). For comparison’s sake, a Nintendo Switch inside the box weighs 1.7kg (3.75 pounds).

As cardboard is naturally heavy, it’s no surprise that the kits themselves are heavy too.

Pre-orders are still available on both Amazon Japan and Amazon US if you haven’t grabbed them yet. Nintendo Labo launches April 20, 2018 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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