Hong Kong Nintendo Distributor Accused And Slammed For Supporting The Hong Kong Police

Hong Kong Nintendo Distributor Accused And Slammed For Supporting The Hong Kong Police

Today we have some very intense news about Nintendo products and Hong Kong, where protests have been raging on for many months after a controversial extradition bill was proposed.

Prowell Asia, the official distributor for Nintendo products in Hong Kong, has been accused by those in Hong Kong as a company that “supports the Hong Kong police”. The Hong Kong police is seen in a very bad light due to accusations of police brutality towards members of the Hong Kong public.

After these revelations were made, residents of Hong Kong voiced their displeasure on the official Prowell Asia Facebook page, urging others to boycott official Hong Kong Nintendo products and purchase digital versions or parallel import games instead.

We leave you with some of the comments made by the Hong Kong people on a Facebook post sharing an official Pokemon event by Prowell:

“I couldn’t decide whether to purchase the physical or digital version. But I finally have the answer – I will buy digital in the future!”

“Bunch of black dogs (black meaning those complicit with the ‘black police’, who are said to engage in illegal activities) together with the other retailers… I hope you will get a new ‘renovation’ soon”

“I’ve purchased a digital version of FIFA 20.”

“I’m going to support the environment by going digital.”

“Prowell is a shameful company!”

“Please support parallel imports this year.”

“I wanted to buy the Hong Kong physical version, but I have decided to go with the Japanese digital version. I’d rather pay more and have a clear conscience.”

“The Hong Kong people hope to see your company fold soon.”

“The Black Police company is organizing an event?”

“Was originally planning to buy the Hong Kong version, I’m going to get the Japanese version instead.”

“Gonna buy parallel imports instead!”

“Digital version in, Prowell out.”

“Please order from Amazon Japan!”

“Ask the police to buy your games”

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